Spiritual Advising

Crossroads on the Path

Transformations are essential for growth. These transitions can be joyful, painful, or stressful, but you are not alone in them. The Conclave of the Craft has trained priestesses and priests available for spiritual advice and rites of passage, as well as other magickal services you may find yourself in need of.

In addition to counseling and advising, our services include shamanic pathworking, house cleansing and blessings, garden and land blessings, spirit cleansing, house gridding, energy- and stone-work, and multiple forms of divination.

We are also available for rites of passage including birth rites, wiccanings/sainings, coming-of-age rites, handfastings and handpartings, parenthood rites, maturity/sovereignty rites, croning/sageing rites, and death rites.

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